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Florida School Board Gunman Had Obsession With Movie 'V for Vendetta


"I’m going to die and you’re going to die, too."

Our original post is now updated with six videos showing the the shocking moments as a gunman opened fire on school board members in Panama City, Florida.  The gunman missed his targets.  A security guard shot and wounded the man who thenkilled himself.

We are now learning more about Clay Duke from WMBB-TV:

Some of the many questions investigators are looking into tonight—who was this man.. Clay Duke… who aimed a gun and opened fire? what prompted him to act ...and what was he like?

He spray-painted a symbol on the wall in the boardroom. What does it mean?

It is the same exact symbol used throughout the movie V for Vendetta. And a look at Clay Duke’s facebook page reveals an obsession with an idea that could have driven him to attempted murder and suicide.

“he had made up his mind that someone was going to die today ”…and it’s apparent with just a quick glance at his facebook page. Something so small as a photograph can explain a lot.

School board member Jerry Register remembers “…when the fellow said…look I’m going to die and you’re going to die, too…I thought…goodbye…”

Clay duke just recently created a facebook page, which shows an obsession with the movie V for Vendetta. In his ‘about me’ section…Duke said…‘some people will say I was evil.’ At the end of the movie the main character blows up the British Parliament.

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