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Rematch: Rep. Weiner Squares Off Against Hannity, Rep. Bachmann


"Poor Anthony Weiner, he's having such a tough time."

Sean Hannity had an idea on Thursday night: Since Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Anthony Weiner (D-NY) fought on TV on Sunday (or rather, Weiner mocked Bachmann on Sunday), let's bring them back together in a "face off" to see what happens.

But instead of a repeat of Bachmann vs. Weiner, Hannity's segment turned into Weiner vs. Hannity.

Weiner was his normal sarcastic, cocky self. But instead of going after Bachmann, he set his sights mainly on Hannity. At one point he crossed his arms and declared he was a "much better interview" than talking about Barack Obama, and then repeatedly took shots at Hannity's interview techniques. He even called Hannity "buddy" during a lecture on follow-up questions. Hannity responded by jabbing back: "Poor Anthony Weiner, he's having such a tough time here."

Not to disappoint, Weiner did eventually turn his sarcasm and sly grin on Bachmann, especially when it came to talking about the Congressional Budget Office numbers:

In the end, Hannity's idea paid dividends by creating exciting TV.

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