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Gasp! Parents of Giffords' doctors are (gulp) tea partiers


H/t to the Washington Examiner for picking up this horrific hilarious story from the Palm Beach Post: Parents of Giffords’ doc supported Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell with Palm Beach cash.

Lemole’s mom and pop, heart surgeon Gerald Lemole and his wife, Emily, live in a $7.1 million house on The Island. They also own a more modest $3.5 million house, also in Palm Beach.

And while Michael is saving the life of the moderate Democratic congresswoman, Gerald and Emily are more into the far, far Right — including Tea Party goofball Christine O’Donnell!

According to campaign filings, Lemole’s parents have showered with thousands in contributions — $15,700 in 2010 alone — Tea Party candidates vying for national offices.

Ironically: Among their favorites are some of the very people whose controversial rhetoric and campaigns are said to provide a fertile ground for the likes of Jared Loughner, who allegedly injured Giffords and killed six others in Tucson.

Oh, the humanity!

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