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Colbert Takes on Olbermann in Wacky Segment


"pompous kidney"

At least we can say Stephen Colbert will mock anyone. Last week we brought you a segment where the Comedy Central star took on Rush Limbaugh's "ching chong" Chinese impersonation. Yesterday, Colbert turned his attention to the biggest, unemployed media personality of this past weekend -- Keith Olbermann. And it was epic.

The premise is this: when a media personality retires or goes off the air, Colbert does a bit where he absorbs that person's power. But when Colbert tried to absorb Olbermann's, his body rejected it like a "pompous kidney." What ensues is a segment that involves a sword, lightning, wigs, and "Keith Olbermug." Epic:

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Stephen Rejects Keith Olbermann's Power

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