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Chicago Politics? Mayoral Candidate Calls Opponent a Crack Addict


"She could be sued for slander."

When former U.S. Senator and current Chicago mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun felt attacked by opponent Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins at a recent candidate forum, she struck back. But her retort of choice wasn't a logical, reasoned argument. Instead, she called Van-Pelt Watkins a crack cocaine addict. And now, she's feeling the backlash:

From My Fox Chicago:

Braun and fellow candidate Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins were in a heated discussion about which candidate was more in touch with the community when Braun went on the attack.

The former U.S. senator accused Watkins of being "strung out on crack" for the years Braun was in office.

"Patricia, the reason you didn't know where I was the last 20 years is because you were strung out on crack," Braun said from the altar of Trinity United Church of Christ at 95th and Egglesworth.

"I was not strung out on crack. I don't have a record," Braun said. "I in fact have spent years of my life working and fighting for this community as the only black United States senator from 1992 to 1998, as the only ambassador. So I don't want to hear it from you, sweetie."

Braun was set off when Watkins questioned which of the two had more experience working on the streets of Chicago.


While Watkins admits she was a drug addict at 19, she says she was never addicted to crack.

"She could be sued for slander," Watkins said.

Even with the threat of a lawsuit, Moseley Braun is not apologizing for her remarks.

"When someone slaps you like that then you have to tell the truth and that is what I did," Moseley Braun said.

Both candidates trail front runner Rahm Emanuel, who did not attend the forum. Emanuel reportedly doesn't attend many forums these days, as he says he likes to meet with Chicago residents where they live and work.

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