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'Well It’s Groundhog Day. . . AGAIN\


This relentless winter is on the minds of most of us, and today much ado will be made about a groundhog named Phil in Punxutawny, PA.  The legend has it if Phil emerges and sees his shadow we are in for six more weeks of winter, no shadow would signal an early and most welcomed Spring.

The 125yr old "tradition" is traced back to a German superstition and has little or no real scientific data to support it. In fact, Punxutawny Phil's predictions are accurate less than 40% of the time. Which puts him squarely in line with most TV forecasters.  The only accurate prediction that can be made today is that virtually every media outlet will dedicate time/space to this story.

For my money, the best "Groundhog Day" was the one that popped up in movie theaters back in 1993.  A sweet morality play couched in a romantic comedy starring Bill Murray, Andie McDowell, and Chris Elliot.  If you see it running on cable or in your Netflix suggestion list, it's worth another look.

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