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My Bill Maher moment


Remember back to the campaign this fall when Bill Maher promised to keep releasing old footage of Christine O'Donnell until she came on his show? That's what I'm doing -- to my boss, Scott Baker.

See, I've been trying for days to get Scott to take me up on my offer to bet on the Super Bowl. He's a Steelers fan. And for days, he's been promising to post a blog response accepting my offer and detailing the terms of our contract. It's now Friday afternoon. No post. I can no longer stay silent.

Yesterday, I gave you a little tidbit of Scott back in his Pittsburgh anchor days. In case you need a refresher, here it is again:

Today, I give you more:

And there will be more, Baker, unless you decide to give up residency in Mamby Pamby land. You've been warned.

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