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Day 15: Egyptian Protests Draw Biggest Crowds Yet


"Egyptians deserve a better life."

Just one day after many media outlets declared that anti-government protests in Egypt were at a stalemate and running out of gas, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded Cairo's Tahrir Square and countless towns across Egypt on Tuesday, drawing the largest crowds since the popular revolt began .

The crowd's resurgence comes as a cyberactivist and Google executive who helped kickstart the protest movement was released from government detention. Wael Ghonim has since emerged from his 12 days in detention as a hero among the Egyptian protesters:

According to AFP reports, many protesters carried symbols of internet social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which have helped mobilize the movement.

"I like to call it the Facebook Revolution but after seeing the people right now, I would say this is the Egyptian people's revolution. It's amazing," Ghonim said, after he was mobbed by supporters in the crowd. "Egyptians deserve a better life. Today one of those dreams has actually come true, which is actually putting all of us together and as one hand believing in something," he said.

While larger crowds gather during the day to protest, several thousand remain Tahrir Square overnight, sleeping under plastic sheets and army tanks.

Tuesday's large protest also comes as the Mubarak government announced a committee to oversee constitutional changes ahead of the country's upcoming elections.

"The president welcomed the national consensus, confirming we are on the right path to getting out of the current crisis," Vice President Omar Suleiman said. "A clear road map has been put in place with a set timetable to realize a peaceful and organized transfer of power.

At least 300 people have been killed in the past two weeks in the often-violent protests.

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