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Beck Responds to Mubarak Resignation: 'Emboldened Every Revolutionary


"This is going to spread. This is the beginning."

"If this were going to lead to freedom it would be great. But I am struck by the overwhelming feeling of a growing evil that is palpable."

That's how Glenn Beck responded on his radio show Friday to news the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned. In his reaction, Beck expressed concern that the resignation could be the beginning of a domino effect in the Middle East and even Europe.

"This is going to spread. This is the beginning," he said. "Now that you have gotten Mubarak out, you have emboldened every revolutionary on planet earth. "

Listen to his reaction below:

Earlier in the program, Beck responded to President Obama's admonishment of the Egyptian youth and their uprising.

“I don’t care what anybody says," Beck said. "That is the president of the United States inspiring the youth and ‑‑ of the world and saying, ‘Look what you can do. Look what you can do. You keep going. Revolution. Fundamental transformation.’"

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