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Limbaugh: Egyptian Anti-Gov't Protesters Mock Obama's 'Yes We Can' Slogan


"No You Can't"

In a column for the Washington Post Tuesday, Marc Theissen, a fellow with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), described "How Obama Lost the Egyptian People."

"The extraordinary scenes in Cairo this past weekend brought back memories of similar scenes on the streets of Warsaw, Prague and Berlin two decades ago. Yet there is one crucial difference between then and now," Theissen wrote.  "Unlike the crowds that brought down Marxist regimes in Central Europe, the crowds that brought down the Mubarak regime in Egypt do not believe America stood with them in their struggle for freedom - and many believe we stood against them."

Theissen went on to note how Egyptian protesters "waited in vain" for President Barak Obama to voice Americans' support for the democratic revolution, and when the White House remained silent, "their hopes gave way to disappointment and eventually anger."  According to Theissen, some images that didn't make it into the mainstream media's coverage included protesters' signs declaring "Shame on you Obama!" and showed Mubarak depicted as Obama in his iconic "hope" image, with a caption that read "No You Can't."

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh touched on Theissen's column during his Tuesday broadcast and said the signs were "mocking Obama and Mubarak."  Rush also wondered if it was "journalistic malpractice" that the negative images weren't shown by America's mainstream media.

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