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So, you want Donald Trump to be president?


Just watched a phone interview on Fox with the Donald about what he'd do as president.

--His first order of business would be to "call up OPEC" and tell them that they will now sell us oil for $40 a barrel.  He didn't expand on how exactly he'd get them to agree to sell it to us for half of market value, but I assume they'd jump at the opportunity.

--Then, he'd put a 25% tariff on all Chinese goods...seriously.  Because trade wars with China are totally awesome and free trade is evil.  Don't ask an economist about that.

--Finally, he'd block  the German company's purchase of the New York Stock Exchange.  "There has to be a regulatory approval process to stop it."  That's what you want.  A president who will "find" regulatory reasons to block business deals.  On what grounds would he stop it?  "On the grounds that I don't want foreign countries owning the New York Stock Exchange."  I'm sure the presidential power to stop business transactions you "don't want" exists in the constitution somewhere.  Right?

I think I'll pass on Donald 2012.

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