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Media Matters and their adorable efforts at becoming relevant


The increasingly irrelevant Media Matters has been at the peak of their never-ending-highly-caffeinated-mega-outraged-panic-fury about Fox News allowing Glenn Beck to charge admission for the live broadcast of the TV show in Wilmington, Ohio in December.  Just a couple of examples:

February 15, 2011

"And did Fox News, which allowed Beck to charge $125 for tickets, in any way profit from the Wilmington event?"

January, 24, 2011

"So, for the live TV broadcast Beck banked more than $100,000 in ticket sales. (Question for Fox News execs: Do you often allow hosts to charge fans money to attend a Fox News taping?)"

Of course, SHOCKINGLY, this claim isn't true at all.  See the details in the note at the bottom of this post.
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