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Ailing Apple CEO Appears Shaky Leaving Cafe


Just days ago we reported on a story sweeping the planet concerning the National Enquirer's conjecture that Steve Jobs was terminally ill with as little as six weeks left to live.  Today, Radar online posted exclusive video of an unstable Jobs, walking to his car.

A stick-thin Steve Jobs is seen leaving a restaurant on wobbly legs in video that seems to support the speculation that the Apple co-founder and CEO if fighting a losing battle against cancer.

As rumors flew last week,  Apple's stock stumbled, only to recover after Mr. Jobs attended a meeting and dinner with President Obama in California.

Sitting just to the left of the President, Jobs is lifting a glass in a toast with other high-tech honchos as they discussed how America's tech industry can help revive the still sagging economy.

Back in January when this latest medical leave was announced, Apple received a proposal from the Central Laborers Pension Fund of Jacksonville, Illinois asking for details on the company's CEO succession plan, including annual updates on potential candidates.  Apple has a shareholders meeting on Wednesday of this week and that proposal is expected to be heard.

The entire videoclip from can be seen here.

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