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Sticky Situation (Part Two!): Wisc. Capitol Cleaning Crews Struggle to Remove Protest Banners, Stickers & Tape


As we reported over the weekend, the clean-up efforts at the Wisconsin State Capitol have begun following weeks of sit-in protests. New video posted to YouTube shows the tedious task Capitol maintenance workers have in carefully removing stickers and tape from the State Capitol's delicate marble rotunda.

While workers struggle to clean up, the protesters' signs, banners and papers taped to the walls have reportedly been cataloged and preserved by the Wisconsin Historical Society. According the Associated Press, they may end up at the Smithsonian:

The state Department of Administration says the signs will be evaluated for historical content by both the Smithsonian and the historical society.

There will also be a process for returning signs to people who want them back.

The state had said cleaning up the Capitol following the protests would cost $7.5 million, but then backed down from that number and said Friday it may only cost $350,000.

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