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Megyn Kelly Exposes Jesse Jackson's Double Standard on Democracy

Megyn Kelly Exposes Jesse Jackson's Double Standard on Democracy

"There's a sense of death for the poorest people..."

On Fox News today, Megyn Kelly hosted Jesse Jackson, who was coming in live from Wisconsin, where a controversial bill banning collective bargaining passed the state Senate yesterday, and thestate Assembly today. The bill passed the Senate with no Democrats present for the vote, so Jackson took issue with what he called the "ramrod democracy" of Gov. Scott Walker.

A poised, but determined, Kelly pressed him on this issue, reminding him that a procedural maneuver caused health care to be passed through the U.S. Senate with only 51 votes, rather than the typical 60 vote majority needed. Where was Jackson's protests of "ramrod democracy" then? Here is that exchange (and you can watch it below):

Kelly: We saw this in Washington DC on the health care vote that president Obama wanted. The tea partiers and the Republicans did not want that law to go through and the Democrats did a procedural maneuver in the Senate where they got it through with 51 votes instead of 60. And that's just life. Now that's law. Why isn't the same answer in place now for the Democrats who are losing? They are losing, but they're losing farily in Wisconsin.

Jackson: More health care for more Americans was not as hurtful as less education, and less health care, and fewer jobs. What you see here is the rise of hurt and people are acting out their democratic rights and sharing their pain. And they want to be heard, and I feel that when they're steamrolled as they were in the Assembly, and as they are in the Senate, people are going to fight back until the governor hears them and engages in deliberative democracy and not ramrod democracy.

Watch the clip below:

Here's another telling exchange, which comes later in the interview:

Jackson: [Walker] must govern not just Republicans, but the republic. He must govern all the citizens, not just a party. He is not the governor of a party. He's the governor of a state....

Kelly: ...It seems like you're saying you should look at the popular will and govern accordingly. Again, I go back to the health care legislation. The popular will was against that bill and yet President Obama and the democrats pushed that through at a national level. You felt very differently about that piece of legislation than you do about this one.

Jackson: Well because 59 million Americans don't have health insurance. People are dying because of that. 50 million Americans are in poverty....poor people are dying. There's a sense of death for the poor people and surplus for the wealthy. Something about that is unhealthy for our democracy...

You know what else is unhealthy for democracy? Double-standards about the democratic process.

And Ken dolls. Or so says Rush Limbaugh: "Jesse Jackson is a Ken doll. There's a little string in his back with a little ring, and you pull it, and out comes standardized number one, and you pull it again, and here comes standardized answer number two."

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