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Must Read: Behind Obama's 'Responsibility to Protect' Doctrine


Glenn has previously connected the dots on why the Obama administration was eager to intervene in Libya. But what conesequences does this "responsibility to protect" doctrine have for America's national sovereignty?

NZ Patriot takes a very in-depth look at the Obama administration's willingness to sign over authority and the various characters involved in shaping his decision:

The support of the U.S. was of course crucial for this radical new approach to international relations. The U.S. under President George Bush would not even sign up to the International Criminal Court, a key component of the proposed new order. ...

"Responsibility to Protect" means the  end of national sovereignty.  It mandates the surrender of any nation state's legal authority over their own citizenry and armed forces to a supra-national body, with the power to sanction or destroy any deemed "rogue" nation - does Israel spring  to mind?

Click here to read NZ Patriot's full report

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