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MSNBC's 'The Black Agenda' - With Ed Schultz?


Why why why is Ed Schultz hosting a special on MSNBC called 'The Black Agenda?'

After watching the endless promotion for this program on the news/opinion channel, one can only wonder aloud, 'Why is Ed Schultz, a big white guy with kinda-orange Boehner-like coloring, hosting a program called 'The Black Agenda?' For one thing, he hosted a similarly titled show last year. Wait - he CO-hosted that one.

Last year 'The Black Agenda' was a co-hosted special with Tamron Hall and Ed Schultz.  Tamron still has a daily program on the channel, so why was she not invited back?

I am not alone on this one.  Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg Times is also raising the same question.

Lest we forget, MSNBC is part of NBC, the network that started their 2009 Prime Time season with the promotional slogan 'More Colorful.' The media website took exception with this slogan and poked a little fun at the peacock with this fake, but accurate ad.

A few days after launching that campaign and having it roundly mocked when people started pointing out the relative monochromatic casting on the channel, NBC quickly rebuilt their website and eliminated all mentions of 'More Colorful.'

Wrapping up, here is a staff photo of MSNBC's very diverse on-air crew.

Yup, this is a place I would gravitate towards to be schooled on 'The Black Agenda.\

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