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TSA Finally Responds to Video of 6-Year-Old Girl Going Through Pat Down


"You can't just re-scan her?"

We first posted the new video of the TSA pat down of a young girl on Sunday morning.  The full video is disturbing on many levels:

Here's how the Toronto Sun summarizes the scene:

The young girl, who is with her mother in the video, does not make any comment while she's being patted down. An onlooker videotaped the encounter.

"You can't just re-scan her?" the girl's mother asks. The TSA agent says no.

The agent tells the girl what she's doing, including saying she's touching the girl's "sensitive area with the back of my hand."

Near the end of the minute-and-a-half video, a woman is heard saying: "They're doing the drug test on her, the whatever test ... on a six-year-old."

"Yeah. it's their job," a man replies.

And now TSA is responding to the viral spread of the video.  Here's the report from NBC News:

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