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Is This McDonald's Kids Commercial Too Racy for TV?


"...could pave the way for the very young to be lax and carefree."

We all know that McDonald's is already despised in this country (just ask San Francisco and New York). But the fast-food giant also apparently has some enemies in the Philippines now. That's because a new commercial in that country was recently yanked after public outcry calling the add too racy for TV. Why? It featured two kids talking about dating and appearing to nudge hands.

The ad features the young couple talking about their possible blossoming romance. According to some interpretation done by the site, "the girl asks the boy if she is his girlfriend, to which he replies: 'I'm not ready. Girlfriends are demanding. They want this, they want that.' Eventually he relents when she says she just wants french fries." Throw in the almost hand-hold, and some Catholic leaders said "enough:"

Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez condemned the ad for supposedly telling children that "it's all right to enter into courtship, and it could pave the way for the very young to be lax and carefree." ... Father Melvin Castro echoed Iñiguez's sentiments, claiming that the ad cheapens relationships.

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Filipino news outlet says the ad was pulled Tuesday, and that McDonald's issued a statement:

In an official statement, Golden Arches Development Corp., the franchise operator of McDonald’s, said it stopped airing the commercial in all television stations as of Tuesday noon.

“Over the years, we have strived to produce advertisements that highlight positive values like love for family and charity, which mirror those that the brand stands for," the statement said.


“McDonald’s remains committed to promoting positive values and will continue raising the bar to be better at what we do — whether it is our food, our service to even how we communicate to the public," the statement said.

What do you think?

(H/T: Gawker)

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