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Hawaii Teacher Allegedly Hits Student in Head With Hammer (Content Warning)


"I was definitely pissed off like most parents would be..."

A Honolulu teacher has been put on Administrative leave this week pending an investigation into allegations he hit one of his students in the head with a hammer. The injury suffered by the student included a two-inch gash on his head that required multiple staples:

KITV reports:

The incident happened at a Kailua High School wood shop class.

"I was told there had been an accident and a hammer had hit my son in the head. When I got the call from my wife -- I'm thinking the kids had been clowning around in the classroom," said [the boy's father Tim] Bitanga.

After the shock of seeing their son's injury, the Bitangas were in for another shock. It wasn't another student throwing things around, they were told -- it was the teacher.

"I was definitely pissed off like most parents would be, to find out it was the teacher that had done it. You wouldn't expect that to happen in the high school setting," said Bitanga.

According to the Kailua High School principal, the teacher has been placed on administrative leave while the school investigates what happened in the classroom.

But as upset as the Bitangas were over their son being injured, they were also disappointed in the way the school handled the entire incident.

Bitanga said their son was kept at the health room for hours until they took him to the emergency room. "This was a head injury, there was blood all over the place. I would have liked to see an ambulance involved," said Bitanga.

The teen's parents would like to see changes to the way the school responds during an emergency.


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