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Obama EPA puts ‘green’ spin on social justice


Linking "environmental justice" to America's civil rights struggle, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson recently hailed the Obama administration's efforts to use environmental policy to impart social change:

Stephen Gutowski calls this hybrid environmental policy "social justice wrapped in green" -- an ideology and plan of action that propelled former White House green czar Van Jones to the forefront of the progressive movement. Jones' Green for All is a leading partner of the Power Shift 2011 conference where Jackson spoke this weekend.

According to its website, Power Shift 2011 is hosted by the Energy Action Coalition, a group of "50 youth-led environmental and social justice groups working together to build the youth clean energy and climate movement."

Energy Action Coalition is committed to building a diverse and inclusive movement to solve the climate crisis and address environmental and economic injustice. We strive to follow the Principles of Environmental Justice, the People of Color Environmental Justice Principles of Working Together, the Bali Principles of Climate Justice, and the 10 Principles for Just Climate Change Policy in the U.S.

Catch Lisa Jackson's complete speech here.

Speaking of Van Jones... guess who else made an appearance this weekend?  Jones said our civilization is "fueled by death."  Death, death, death...

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