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Making a difference: Kevin's story


I've received lots of positive feedback from readers since last week's "flash mob of kindness." We worked to bring you numerous tales of good deeds from fellow Blaze readers.  The whole event got me thinking -- not just about what I can do in my community, but what we can do to help inspire others.

You don't see a whole lot of stories reflecting the values of faith, hope and charity nowadays, but I think these kinds of examples not only deserve praise, but can also help inspire others to act in a similarly selfless manner. In this light, I'd love to continue bringing stories of such amazing fellowship to light on The Blaze blog.

Kevin from California recently wrote to share his flash mob story:

I coach a kids basketball team at our church.  Right around the time I saw the episode for flash mob of kindness we as a team were beginning to collect “loose change” and when the other coach and I had to figure out what we were going do with this “loose change” I knew instantly what it was going to be.

There is a homeless woman I know... well not entirely homeless if you count she sleeps on a porch.  Much more to how we met etc., but the kids on the team collected $115.15 and my kids and I went to go get some things for her at the store. It just felt wrong…so we put the cart away as we already were in the store and instead we went and got her and took her shopping. I was amazed at the stuff we got because it certainly isn’t anything I would have thought of or picked myself. Much other stuff but the one item that stuck out after… I really felt she was in need of one more item but just wasn’t letting on... turns out she wanted a hair clipper to keep her hair buzzed as she would try to make people on the street think she wasn’t a girl so she wouldn’t be raped.

I cry just thinking about that and it reminds me how I asked to get her like a rolling suitcase or such an item and she gratefully declines saying the she needs to hear if someone is sneaking up behind her and she wouldn’t be able to hear them over the noise because its on wheels. Needless to say we spent even more!

It was a blast, it was good for my kids and the kids on the basketball team got to see the pictures of her and most of what was purchased…their hearts as well as many of their parents melted that day… thank God for kindness.

I'm happy to hear that many people plan to make the "flash mob of kindness" a more regular event.  Let me know if you have a story to share -- email the details, your pictures, videos, etc. to

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