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Hannity Rails Against Van Jones 'Mission' to Secure 'Human Rights for Mother Nature


"The movement that Jones has joined shares its goals with some of the more radical governments represented at the United Nations..."

If I told you there was an organization out there "building a global alliance of experts from around the world to bring forth the universal adoption and implementation of Rights of Nature," would you be surprised that former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones in on its board? There is. And he is.

So what exactly is "universal adoption and implementation of Rights of Nature?" According to the organization, Pachamama, and its website, it's a legal concept. Or as Sean Hannity explained it on his show last night, Van Jones is on a "mission" to secure "human rights for mother nature:"'s George Russell explains more about Jones's new calling:

Jones is taking up the challenge as one of the newest board members of an obscure San Francisco New Age-style organization known as the Pachamama Alliance, which has been creating a global movement to make human rights for Mother Nature an international reality — complete with enforceable laws — by 2014. The Rio summit will create an important midpoint for that campaign.


The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature “is working to build a movement of millions of educated and inspired individuals, with thousands of successful cases of enforceable Rights of Nature legislation having been enacted at local and national levels, by the end of 2014,” according to the Pachamama website.


The movement that Jones has joined shares its goals with some of the more radical governments represented at the United Nations, notably Ecuador and Bolivia, both nations with substantial territories in the Amazon Basin, and both with close ties to the socialist government of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez.

Additionally, Russell explains exactly what "Rights of Nature" looks like:

Among other things, the Pachamama Alliance claims that through the Pachamama Foundation—a “sister organization” it created in 1997 among native peoples of the Amazon Basin -- it was instrumental in helping to install the same “fundamental rights for nature” it espouses into the constitution of Ecuador in 2008.

The constitution includes such provisos as “Nature has the right to be completely restored,” and it mandates the government ban “introduction of organisms and organic and inorganic material that can alter in a definitive way the national genetic heritage,” among other things.

According to Russell, the Rights of Nature movement could be at the forefront of a U.N.-sponsored global summit on “sustainable development” in Rio de Janeiro in May 2012.

You can read more from Russell here, and read more about the Pachamama Alliance here.

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