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Update: New Pic Surfaces from Inside Terror Scare Plane


"banging on the cockpit..."

The Blaze initially reported on the terror-scare story here:

Crew members and passengers wrestled a 28-year-old man to the cabin floor after he began pounding on the cockpit as an American Airlines flight approached San Francisco, the third security incident in a day on U.S. planes, authorities said Monday.

The man was yelling unintelligibly as he brushed past a flight attendant about 10 minutes before American Airlines Flight 1561 was due at San Francisco International Airport Sunday night, Sgt. Michael Rodriguez of the San Francisco police said.

Now ABC Chicago reports on the new pictures that have surfaced from inside the plane:

After banging on the cockpit door and shouting during the Chicago-to-San Francisco flight, Rageit Almurisi, 28, was pinned down by two flight attendants and two Air Marshals. The suspect -- a California man who carries a Yemen passport -- was handcuffed and now faces federal charges of interfering with a flight.

The flight landed safely in San Francisco Sunday night.

"The flight attendant called for some help. Some passengers from the first-class section, along with other flight attendants, assisted the flight attendant. Some flexible,plastic handcuffs were used by the flight attendants to secure the hands of that passenger," said Sgt. Michael Rodriguez of the San Francisco Police Dept. "That passenger was then placed into a first-class seat where he was held until the flight arrived at SFO."

Andrew Wai snapped photographs showing the ordeal. Passengers could be seen staring at the man as he was subdued.

Here are two of those pictures:

The Daily Mail notes that this was not the first terror scare of the weekend:

The incident is the third scare of the weekend for U.S. air passengers and follows a number of security alerts at train stations and airports across America following the death of Osama Bin Laden:

  • A man slipped into the PATH tunnel at the World Trade Center in New York and walked all the way to Jersey before saying he had left a bomb in the tunnel
  • Police blocked off several streets in the Bronx, New York, as the NYPD bomb squad investigated a parked SUV
  • The Mockingbird DART station and the surrounding area in Dallas, Texas, were evacuated on Saturday after a police dog alerted authorities to suspicious packages
  • Four people were arrested at Denver International Airport after staff noticed someone videotaping security lines
  • A picture of a little baby being patted down by security staff at Kansas City Airport was posted on Twitter
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