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My Brothers Died for You!' New LSU Vid Reveals Military Man's Passionate Words


"We're moving you out for your safety."

He is featured in one of the iconic images from today's counter-protest at LSU. A military man, wearing camouflage and a beret, screaming at flag-burning planner Ben Haas as he tries to deliver prepared remarks (courtesy of The Daily Reveille):

(Photo: ADAM VACCARELLA / The Daily Reveille)

In a previous video, his words were indecipherable. Now, with a new video surfacing, we know what he said.

"My brother died for you!" he screams. "My brothers died for you! My brothers died for you! My brothers died for you! My brothers died-- for you!"

In all, the soldier identified only by a name that appears to say "Froom" on his uniform, repeats the phrase five times before being separated from Haas by police.

His passionate screams can be heard in a video posted on YouTube by BatonRougeToday. That video also shows a clearer picture of Haas being pelted in the head with water balloons, and a police officer informing Haas that they were "moving you out for your safety:"

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