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U.S. Tax Dollars Will Sponsor a Gay Film Festival in...Bulgaria


"...in honor of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month..."

Here in America, Schools are closing, firehouses are shuttering and millions of citizens are out of work. Yet, on Thursday, the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria announced that it would be using your tax dollars to underwrite a gay film festival and "an after-show party."

The publicly-funded embassy has partnered up with its German, French, British and Swiss counterparts to explore the "different issues and challenges which members of the LGBT community face in today’s world." An official press release from the embassy reads as follows:

The U.S. Embassy joins the British, German, French, and Swiss Embassies in announcing the start of the Sofia Pride International Film Series in honor of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, which is celebrated each year in June. The series features one movie selected by each of the five sponsoring embassies, and aims to promote acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights in Bulgaria by examining the different issues and challenges which members of the LGBT community face in today’s world.  All films will include Bulgarian subtitles.

The U.S. Embassy has decided to show "Milk," the popular film about America's first openly gay elected official. The Daily Caller posted the official event flyer here. Here's a preview of the other films that will be shown:

The Germans will show "Sascha," a gay teen who struggles with his place in German society, the French will show "Comme les autres," a movie that tackles a gay man's journey to becoming a father. The Swiss film, "Katzenball," will focus on the life of a gay woman, while the British flick, "Beautiful Thing," will delve into the story of a "working class teen infatuated with his male classmate."

With all of the problems our nation currently has, it's curious that we'd be spending taxpayer monies to sponsor a gay film festival (let alone any film festival) in a foreign land.

(h/t The Daily Caller)

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