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Weiner takes the Tiger Woods route


Not surprisingly, Rep. Anthony Weiner is now taking the Hollywood route for polishing up a tarnished public image -- rehab!

The New York Democrat announced today that he will be seeking "treatment" after both Democrats and Republicans called for his resignation this week.

What's interesting about this move is that less than a week ago when he came clean about his lewd behavior, Weiner denied that he needed any professional help, insisting his behavior could not be "treated away." (full video available here)

Weiner's move to seek "treatment" seems to be little more than his way of appeasing angry Democrats and their vocal demands for his resignation. Instead, Weiner will take a "leave of absence" and just wait for the winds of political change to carry him out of the limelight. In the meantime, other than the wrath from his own party, he doesn't have much to worry about -- his own constituents apparently still support him.

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