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Friday morning must-reads


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Michelle Obama: "I can't stop eating french fries. But eat your vegetables."

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Afghan president surrounds himself with anti-American advisers

Bin Laden courier had ties to Pakistani intelligence

Obama sides with Gates over Petraeus on troop withdrawal

Tim Geithner: We have to tax small businesses so the government doesn't shrink

Zero Republicans left at debt talks bargaining table

Ann Coulter: Sarah Palin for U.S. Senate!

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More on Fast & Furious: How the Obama administration conned the Washington Post

Single-sex college dorms spark legal controversy

War on cameras: Journalists arrested for recording public meeting in DC

Reason.tv's Jim Epstein notes the event:

On June 22, 2011, I attended a meeting of the D.C. Taxi Commission for a story I'm currently working on about a proposed medallion system in the district.  About half-an-hour into the meeting, I witnessed journalist Pete Tucker snap a still photo of the proceedings on his camera phone. A few minutes later, two police officers arrested Tucker. I filmed Tucker's arrest and the audience's subsequent outrage using my iphone.

A few minutes later, as I was attempting to leave the building, I overheard the female officer who had arrested Tucker promise a woman, who I presumed to be an employee of the Taxi Commission, that she would confiscate my phone. Reason intern Kyle Blaine, overheard her say, "Do you want his phone? I can get his phone." ...

As I tried to leave, I was told by the same blond female officer to "stay put." I told her I was leaving and attempted to exit the building. I was then surrounded by officers, and told to remain still or I would be arrested.  I didn't move, but I tried to get the attention of a group of cab drivers who were standing nearby. At this point I was arrested.

I spent the remainder of the day in a cell in the basement of the building. I was released at about 4PM.

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