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Tea Party Gets Its Own Colonial America TV Show -- Made by Tea Partiers


"mix the narrative tension of The Sopranos and the redemptive, heroic American exceptionalism of Frank Capra”

Tea Partiers now have their own TV show. Literally.

A group of Tea Party members in California are about to premier the first hour-long episode of a new series called "Courage, New Hampshire," which follows early colonial Americans.

“I’d like to concentrate on some of the regular folk who made the Revolution possible,” James Patrick Riley, the man behind the show and its production company, told The Hollywood Reporter (THR), "mix the narrative tension of The Sopranos and the redemptive, heroic American exceptionalism of Frank Capra.”

“Most TV sitcoms and dramas tend to depict conservatives and traditionalists and people of faith as halfwits. That tactic lost its edge about four decades ago and we think it’s time to turn the tables,” he added.

The first episode, titled "The Travail of Sarah Pine," follows a colonial woman who accuses a British soldier of "bastardy." It's premiering at a theater in Monrovia, CA on Sunday. After that, it will head straight to DVD as Riley and his company, Colony Bay, look for a distribution partner. You can watch the trailer for the first episode below:

So who is Riley? THR gives a little more background on him and his business partner:

Colony Bay was founded by James Patrick Riley and Jonathan Wilson, who started in Hollywood as an assistant in ICM’s motion picture literary department and became director of development for Peter Hyams, working on films like End of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger. They met when Wilson was forming the Pasadena chapter of Tea Partiers and he recruited Riley, an experienced Patrick Henry impersonator, to perform at an event.

The episode was filmed on Riley's sprawling, 760-acre apple and pear farm. And even though the film and its producers are Tea Partiers, Riley admits that he's not opposed to employing liberals. In fact, he told THR, "We have cast members who are raging leftists."

But despite Hollywood's reputation for harboring those leftists, Riley said the city actually has its share of conservatives.

"I was surprised to learn how many Tea Partiers there are in Hollywood," Riley said. "Most won't talk about it, though."

Read more about the series at The Hollywood Reporter.

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