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Laptop 'Armor' Saves U.S. Soldier: Computer Stops Six Bullets


There's a new use for your ageing, clunky notebooks...

Next time you call HP customer service to complain about your laptop's performance, the following piece from The Consumerist will make you think twice about what your notebook might actually be good for!

From The Consumerist:

We get a lot of complaints from readers about their HP computers and the company's customer service. But one person who won't be complaining is the U.S. soldier whose HP notebook took six bullets intended for him.

The soldier who sent these images to HP was stationed in Afghanistan when he came under enemy fire. Two bullets hit his shoulder but the other six bullets that hit him were stopped by the notebook in his backpack.

HP sent the soldier a new one and, at his request, let him keep the one pictured here.

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