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Gas Pipeline from Egypt to Israel Bombed


Egyptian security officials have indicated that a gas pipeline traveling from Egypt to Israel and Jordan has exploded, and that saboteurs may be to blame. From Al ARABIYA NEWS:

"An Egyptian gas pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula was bombed early on Monday for the third time since February, sending flames into the sky. There was no immediate reports of casualties, a security official said.

Egypt had resumed pumping natural gas to Israel on June 10 after supplies were halted in April following an attack on a pipeline, Israeli media reports said.

Israel gets up to 45 percent of its gas from Egypt. Supplies were stopped after the blasts on Egypt's side of the pipeline in the wake of political turmoil following the ousting of Egyptian president Hosmi Mubarak"

Reuters has reported that a security source said that men with machine guns in a small truck forced guards at the station to leave, then planted explosive charges.

English Aljazeera has posted this photo, showing the route of the gas pipeline.

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