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Wednesday evening must-reads


Moody's set to downgrade U.S. credit rating

Americans are apparently too dumb and too busy to worry about debt ceiling

WWRD: What would Reagan do?

Ground Zero Mosque gets legal green light to build

USA Today's nutritionists praise Michelle Obama's calorie splurge

21st century debate: Obama & Romney spar on debt debate via Twitter

What's Rick Perry waiting for?

Harry Reid praises McConnell "back-up plan"

U.S. viewed more unfavorably in Muslim world under Obama than Bush

Obama falls short of Bush re-election fundraising levels

American intel reveals bin Laden role in London bombings

Michael Yon: Rule of Law

A depressing tale about why small businesses aren't hiring

Connecticut unions opt for layoffs over concessions

Ben Bernanke: "Gold isn't money"

Break the monopoly: GOP rep proposes opt-out option for federal education rules

Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King on debt debate: We might have just one chance to save this country

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