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Cain chats with GQ, jabs at Stewart


When GQ "Style Guy" Glenn O'Brien was in DC last week, THE BLAZE asked him to rate the gentleman/lady status of the 2012 presidential field. We never got around to getting a rating on Herman Cain, but as luck would have it, GQ spoke directly to the man himself.

In an interview published last Friday, the men's magazine asked the candidate about his gospel album and why he's making a bid for the White House:

It's much harder to succeed as a vocalist, and become one of the big names than it is to get elected president. That's why I ended up running for president! [laughs]

The former CEO also took a dig at comedian Jon Stewart:

I don't know whether he likes me or not—he disagrees with me because of my conservative views—it has nothing to do with my color. Even though he mocked me with his "Amos 'n' Andy" dialect because he didn't get the joke when I talked about bills being three pages long. For somebody to be a professional comedian, he should have gotten the joke.

Read the full Q&A and decide for yourself if Cain qualifies as a gentleman.

h/t Yeas and Nays

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