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Ohio Church Holds Mock Casey Anthony Retrial During Sunday Service


"Would it be better for [Anthony] to go to death row and be killed for killing her child when she didn't?"

In America, most Protestant church services are typically comprised of praise and worship songs, sermons, Sunday School and the like. But, a Cleveland, Ohio, church did something different this past Sunday.

In addition to typical worship activities, In Touch With Christ Christian Center included a mock retrial of Casey Anthony, the now-infamous woman from Florida who was released early Sunday after being found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter.

WJW-TV reports Sunday's exercise at the In Touch With Christ Christian Center in Cleveland was led by the Rev. Una Keenon, a retired municipal court judge in the community of East Cleveland:

Like millions, they have watched the case unfold on TV. Some parishioners were angered that Anthony was found not guilty by the trial jury.

[Keenon] had a few words of wisdom for these jurors during this capital murder case.

"Would it be better for [Casey Anthony] to go to death row and be killed for killing her child when she didn't? Because if that maybe is in there, then I would say 'no, it's not fair,' " Keenon said.

Watch the WJW-TV report, below:

In the end, the church jury was hung, with eight voting guilty and four voting not guilty. Mock juror Darius Coleman said, "I pleaded not guilty because like Rev. Keenon said, it goes behind the facts of the case and they didn't have 100-percent of the facts saying that she was guilty."

And another, Tamika White, who viewed Anthony as guilty said, "I feel like even if she didn't murder her child by her own hands, she played a part in it, so she's guilty by association, so that's why I voted guilty for her."

Bishop Prince Moultry, the church pastor, said the important lesson from the service was to protect children in Cleveland from the same fate as little Caylee Anthony. In addition to protecting local children, the church activity also sheds light on issue of forgiveness -- a topic many have addressed when discussing the aftermath of the Anthony trial.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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