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Rep. Joe Walsh Blasts Chris Matthews: Obama 'Doesn't Send a Thrill Up My Leg


"Will you resign, Chris?"

Every once in a while we get to see someone stand up to being talked over. This time MSNBC's Chris Matthews, famed for shouting down guests with whom he disagrees, had a run for his money when he was challenged by Congressman Joe Walsh.

During a segment on the debt ceiling debate, the Republican congressman asked the Hardball host what President Obama has done in the last six months to remedy the debt crisis.

"Hey Chris, explain ...Your President, who sends a tingle up your leg, has not been serious in six months. Why do you ignore that, Chris?" asked Walsh.

Matthews shrugged the question off, however, only responding to point out that "tingle" was apparently the incorrect word, to which Walsh challenged "he doesn't send a thrill up my leg, Chris...and he has not been serious about this debt crisis and why don't you jump on that?"

Not surprisingly, Matthews ignored Walsh's question and continued to needle the congressman about whether he would "resign" if, come August 3, the debt crisis has not been averted.

"Will you resign, Chris?" Walsh pressed in return.

But the sparks didn't stop flying.

During the segment, Matthews seemed more than a tad concerned that Walsh had, at some point, allegedly used the word "lying" with regard to the President. In response, Walsh clarified "when he [President Obama] speaks a mistruth, and he is not truthful, he is lying." And when the President says that on August 3,"the lights in the country are going to turn out," and that he "can't guarantee" payment on Social Security checks, "he is lying" added Walsh.  "The [President] knows that is not true..."

Matthews kept hammering away, however, accusing Walsh of calling Obama a "liar" and the GOP of orchestrating to bring the debt ceiling debate "to a crisis."

But Walsh never relented, blasting Matthews for being a biased "bully" who talks over his guests.

Watch the explosive clip that's sure to send a tingle, or a thrill, up your leg:

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(H/T: TownHall)

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