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Prominent Holocaust Denier Praises Ahmadinejad for Liberating ‘Free Nations’ from Holocaust ‘Lies’ and ‘Propaganda’


A well known German-Australian Holocaust denier, Fredrick Toben, has reportedly lavished praise on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his "key role in breaking the taboo on studying the reality of the Jewish Holocaust." For Toben and Ahmadinejad, however, their version of "reality" and actual reality, are two entirely different things.

Ahmadinejad, of course, is not shy about his denial of the Holocaust and rarely hides his blood-lust for Israel.

In a report by the Iranian news agency, Fars, Toben, who heads the anti-Semitic Adelaide Institute, accused Israel of engaging in "propaganda" where the Holocaust is concerned. According to Toben's revisionist history, people who know the history of the six million Jews slaughtered in Hitler's Final Solution, are merely uniformed fools and "slaves to the Holocaust."

MEMRI reports Fars quoted the unabashed Holocaust denier's views on Ahmadinejad, making sure he commended the Iranian president for "correcting a historical lie":

"I conducted research into the Holocaust before the Iranian president's position-taking, but Ahmadinejad's statement guided me to grasp a correct understanding of this historical lie." He added that Ahmadinejad was also the first high-ranking political figure and president in the world who questioned the Holocaust.

The article stated: "Toben further pointed out that the Iranian president has used a logical method to question the Holocaust, which is Israel's main tool of propaganda, and asked nations to break the taboo and start discussing it like any other historical assumption."

Toben went on to heap even more praise on Ahmadinejad when he claimed Iran is merely attempting to "liberate" free nations from "such wrong beliefs."

It sounds like Toben and Ahmadinejad might be made for each other.

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