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Freaky? Girl's 'Creepy' Baby Doll Ordered Out of the Pool for Looking Too Real


"Pretty much, she put a baby doll in time out."

A Dallas family received an unusual reprimand from a lifeguard at the public pool: Their daughter's baby doll toy looked a little too realistic and was "creeping" the lifeguard out — so she took it out of the water and said it couldn't come back without a swimsuit on.

Allan Peck, a local radio DJ, tells CBS Dallas-Fort Worth he was at the pool recently with his wife and daughter when his daughter left the doll in the water. A lifeguard came up to his wife and told her having the doll at the pool was a problem.

"I've been watching this thing floating around and it's been creeping me out, and we've been getting complaints from people in the pool so I removed it from the water," Peck said the lifeguard told his wife. "Pretty much, she put a baby doll in time out."

Peck said his wife laughed, but the lifeguard said other parents also found it offensive and if they wanted to bring it back the doll had to be wearing a swimsuit.

"It's a doll," Peck said. "It's a toy, it's a baby doll."

Still, the doll is far from your average Barbie: Its skin has wrinkles, clearly defined fingers, toes, a belly button — and a spine.

"It's creepy," Peck said. "I will definitely give you that."

According to CBS DFW, the city's assistant park and recreation director said the lifeguard told him parents had complained that the doll looked too realistic, but not that they were offended by it. He agreed with the lifeguard that if the doll comes back, it needs to be covered up.

Peck said they won't be bothering.

"We won't bring this to the pool anymore," he said. "I'm not going to put a swimsuit on it."

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