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Planned Parenthood celebrates new ObamaCare rule with... dancing birth control

Planned Parenthood celebrates new ObamaCare rule with... dancing birth control

This week, the Obama administration used the president's evolving health care law to force all new insurance plans to cover the entire cost of all prescription contraceptives, including so-called "Plan B" abortion pills. To mark this "victory" their industry has long worked for, Planned Parenthood decided to throw a Bollywood-style celebration featuring... dancing birth control:

According to Planned Parenthood, "basic preventive health care" (birth control) without a copay is "a giant leap forward for women's health." (Yay! Now we can be promiscuous for free!)

Washington Examiner's Tim Carney rightly points out how this new government rule is a boon for two of Obama's biggest supporters -- the abortion industry and Big Pharma -- and a direct threat on the conscience of America:

This free-pills-for-all proposal embodies two dark themes of the Obama era: cronyism and trampling on the freedom of conscience.

Once again, Obama, who pretends to be battling the special interests, is rewarding powerful lobbies that support him. Even worse, the federal rule, which would effectively force everyone to purchase insurance that covers abortifacient contraceptives, also reveals the true shape of the Culture War in America: The Left uses the brutal tool of the government to impose its morality on everyone, forcing religious conservatives to act against conscience, all the while howling about imminent "theocracy." ...

The intersection of pharma and government is full of Orwellian Newspeak. Drugmakers say they're preventing pregnancies by ending them. Obama claims he's depoiliticizing science by increasing subsidies and regulations. Then he crows about fighting special interests in the act of rewarding them.

Most bizarrely, the cultural Left assails "culture warriors" while making it illegal for many cultural conservatives to live according to their conscience.

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