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Nutty NYU professor fights to save USPS from 'greedy corporations


As we've reported here at The Blaze, the federal government is weighing its options when it comes to shoring up the faltering U.S. Postal Service. Among money-saving ideas being floated around is the closure of more than 2,000 post office locations across the country. This idea doesn't sit well, however, with New York University literature professor Steve Hutkins started his own blog, "Save the Post Office," in protest.

Apparently "greedy corporations" and other "robber barons" are forcing post offices to close and Hutkins sees himself as as last line of defense against the injustice. He has even requested a leave of absence from his job in order to dedicate his full time to his protest.  The Washington Post reports:

“Save the Post Office” reports on closures, consolidations and suspensions going on in the mail world. It is full of analysis and opinions. And Hutkins’s opinion is not hard to discern. He’s left-leaning, pro-union and believes the Postal Service is outsourcing itself to greedy corporations.

“I live in a very small town with a very small post office,” Hutkins said in an interview Tuesday. “My goal is to save all of these post offices.”

Here’s a sample of a recent week’s headlines: “Robber Barons Plunder the Post Office.” “Ben rolls over in this grave: B Free Franklin post office on the chopping block,” a reference to the post office at Franklin Square in Philadelphia’s Independence Mall area. It’s the only post office that doesn’t fly a U.S. flag because the area pre-dates the American Revolution.

Yes, parents of NYU students, this man is teaching your children.

“All you hear is how postal revenues are declining and no one uses the post office anymore,” he wrote in a post Tuesday. “But somehow the Postal Service was still able to outsource $12 billion in 2010.”

He wrote: “The Robber Barons are stealing the post office from the American people,” referring to Postal Service contracts with companies such as FedEx and Northrop Grumman, some to transport mail.

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