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German Soccer Fans Accused of Throwing Feces At Rivals


Sportsmanship between athletes and fans is not always a guarantee at home, or abroad. Rival groups of fans at a FC Cologne soccer match exchanged interesting souvenirs last weekend. What kind of souvenirs? How about human excrement:

"According to security staff at Schalke's stadium in Gelsenkirchen, a small group of Cologne ultras are responsible for throwing the cups during the home team's 5-1 win.

Those hit by the disgusting missiles included fans from both teams.

Police are looking at video tape of the crowd from Saturday's match at Schalke's Veltins Arena to identify those responsible and two fans are reported to have already been arrested.

A witness is reported to have seen one man put faeces in a beer cup, while two others filled their cups with urine before hurling them at Schalke fans."

Wow, they really do take their soccer seriously over there. The Local reiterates the gross transcation;

"The police confirmed on Tuesday that at least one person in the Köln fan block had been seen ‘placing’ faeces into a plastic beer glass and then throwing it at his rivals. The solid organic missile was followed by at least two urine-filled plastic beer glasses."

What's the ugliest thing you've ever seen go down at a sporting event? What's the most heartwarming?

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