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Heads up: Obama‘s ’Lone Wolf’ talk is really about gun control


"spotting a Lone Wolf before he can kill is highly unlikely."

Is President Obama's concern about "Lone Wolf" terrorism genuine in its stated intent to protect Americans from a madman? Or is it part of his administration's relentless plans to restrict or even eliminate gun ownership in America? I believe that Mr. Obama and his team are concerned about the safety of the American people, but I also am keenly aware of his interest in restricting or eliminating the private citizen's right to "keep and bear arms."

As reported earlier today, President Obama talked with CNN about his worry that a "Lone Wolf" terrorist could strike in America. Mr. Obama's words:

“The risk that we’re especially concerned over right now is the lone wolf terrorist, somebody with a single weapon being able to carry out wide-scale massacres of the sort that we saw in Norway recently,” he said. “You know, when you’ve got one person who is deranged or driven by a hateful ideology, they can do a lot of damage, and it’s a lot harder to trace those lone wolf operators.”

Let me be clear... Nobody wants to see a repeat of what happened in Norway... Not in America, not anywhere. But the Norway tragedy did not happen yesterday or even last week. Anders Breivik's assault on a summer camp took place on July 22nd, so why is President Obama bringing up lone wolf terrorists now? Could it be part of a coming push by the administration to attack the Second Amendment?

The President's words on Lone Wolf threats sounded very familiar, so I did a quick search and found this clip from January of 2011. ABC News' Brian Ross used the term while tying it to easy access to firearms in America.

The story has Former FBI Agent Brad Garrett talking about Lone Wolf terrorists, stating that the Bureau believes there are "thousands of them" in America. THOUSANDS!

Ross also quotes the law enforcement saying that "spotting a Lone Wolf before he can kill is highly unlikely."

At the 4:40 point of the clip, Mr. Ross also parrots some of the Left's speculation that the Lone Wolf shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was somehow sparked by "talk radio."

The shocking connection between Lone Wolf killers and gun control was apparent at the 5:40 mark, when Ross made this statement:

"Every control has unstable people, but not every country has such liberal gun laws."

That statement was followed with a comment from Daniel Webster of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy Research:

"You have to do something to address the availability of guns."

At the core of this report seems to be a social mathematics equation often brought up by anti-gun folks -

Thousands of potential Lone Wolf killers + liberal gun laws = need to remove the guns from the potential killers.

To their credit, ABC did offer a differing opinion from psychologist Michael Wellner, who stated that it was his professional opinion that easy availability of weapons did not play a role in the killings.

As stated in the opening of this post, I believe that President Obama and his administration are working to prevent a massacre like the one that happened in Norway, we just differ in one specific area of how this is accomplished. Supporters of the Second Amendment would be wise to watch what happens during the quiet last days of summer while the President and the Congress are "on vacation." Be awake, be aware.

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