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Have You Seen the Viral Videos of the 'Pint-Sized Preachers' Yet?


"Still only a pre-schooler..."

Are you ready for National Geographic's "Pint-Sized Preachers?" The new hour-long documentary explores the lives of three kid preachers who give their all to spread Jesus Christ's message.

While some believe that these children are being exploited my overly fervent parents, others see them as a beacon of hope. This latter group believes that, despite their youth, God has chosen to speak through them.

The bizarre part (and there are some very intriguingly odd pieces to this puzzle)? One of the three -- 4-year-old Kanon Tipton -- is barely out of diapers, yet he delivers fiery sermons and inspires faith in those who listen. National Geographic describes him as follows:

Still only a pre-schooler, Kanon Tipton takes the pulpit at his family's church and like a seasoned evangelist fervently preaches the gospel, mopping his forehead, shouting, waving his arms, the congregation hanging on his every word.

Below, watch a clip of young Kanon in action:

Kanon's story is a peculiar one. He began preaching to his local Mississippi congregation when he was just 21 months old. After he was born, rather than driving him home, the first place his parents took him was to the church alter. While he's strikingly young, Christian evangelizing does run in the family. Kanon's father and both of his grandfathers are also Pentecostal preachers.

Below, watch the viral video that first made Kanon a sensation (and, if you've never seen a baby preach, you certainly won't want to miss it):

The second child, Terry Durham, is a 12-years-old Baptist minister in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who began preaching when he was Kanon's age. Surprisingly, Terry was licensed as a minister at the age of six -- an astounding accomplishment. His grandmother, among others at his local church, call him a "miracle child" and his self-proclaimed nickname is "the little man of God." National Geographic writes:

According to his own Web site Terry Durham has preached in 39 states and nine countries, and has plans for a "crusade" in Africa, Pakistan, Haiti, and Brazil.

Here's a clip of young Terry in action:

Last, but certainly not least, comes Matheus Moraes, another 12-year-old preacher who was born in Rio de Janeiro "after his mother claimed she received a prophesy that she would have a son." The young man officially became an evangelist in 2003 and by 2006 he had delivered more than 200 sermons.

Interested in learning more about these young children? Watch the show's trailer, below:

(h/t National Geographic)

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