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Report: U.S. Christian Missionary Kids Sexually & Physically Abused


"The very people who were reading us Bible stories just minutes later after the generator went out were molesting us."

Christian missionaries work feverishly to spread Biblical principles across the globe. But, as they make immense sacrifices to help the abused and downtrodden, are their own children safe while they operate in the field?

In recent years, allegations have surfaced about the abuse of missionary children in the field, both sexually and physically. In a unique, new report, CBN provides details on the tragic claims:

Four mission agencies have already investigated their own employees over child abuse allegations and two others have investigations pending. The search for the truth regarding this important matter may be nowhere near over, though. Some of the stories emerging from the abyss are extremely troubling. Take for instance, Kari Mikitson's accounts.

Mikitson was a just a small child who attended New Tribes Mission, a boarding school in Senegal, back in the mid-80s. She claims that the very people who were there to support and protect her were the very individuals who abused her. She explains:

"From roughly 6 to 8 years old my dorm father sexually abused me. The physical abuse was most of the teachers there and dorm parents."

But, Mikitson isn't alone. In the 1960's, Wess Stafford also claims that he suffered under the hands of leaders at the Missionary Alliance's Mamou Academy in Guinea, West Africa.

He says that the students at his school were beaten on a daily basis for very minor offenses. He compares the school to "Auschwitz," saying:

"The very people who were reading us Bible stories just minutes later after the generator went out were molesting us."

These, of course, are only two of the stories. Sadly, these individuals kept these occurrences silent for years. Their abusers purportedly used God and the children's alliance to their parents to scare them into not reporting the offenses. Mikitson explains:

"We were told as children never to tell our parents anything negative about the school or we would be hindering God's work on the field."

Individuals familiar with missions environments claim that the situation often lends itself to conditions that foster such horrific behavior. There is little oversight, thus there have traditionally been few, if any, ramifications as a result of these behaviors.

Sadly, it has taken years for the victims' stories to be taken seriously by these Christian organizations. That said, investigations have finally been conducted and are now aware of what has been occurring. Considering the seriousness of the situation, it is a good sign that these tragic occurrences will be examined, exposed and eradicated.

(h/t CBN News)

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