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Advocate Claims East Coast Earthquake a 'Warning From God' to Pass Jobs Bill

Advocate Claims East Coast Earthquake a 'Warning From God' to Pass Jobs Bill


Was yesterday's northeastern earthquake a "warning from God?"

That's what Rocky Twyman, a community organizer, public relations consultant, and "prayer warrior" believes. Specifically, Twyman claims that God unleashed the historic earth-shaking in an effort to urge lawmakers to focus upon job creation and those affected by the lagging economy.

Responding to the quake, which was one of the most intense in Virginia history -- a 5.8 on the Richter scale -- he's offering up a warning to America's political elite. His message? It's time for Obama to work with Congress to push through a jobs bill. But, before I continue, let's take a brief look at Twyman's history in political and social advocacy.

He founded the "Pray at the Pump" movement a few years back (an effort to pray down gas prices). He's also the man behind the "Pray Without Ceasing Political Party." In early August, the political group marched around the U.S. Capitol building seven times in an effort to shed light on the need for bipartisan agreement in raising the debt ceiling. Below, watch him discuss the U.S. deficit:

On Wednesday, Twyman is planning an "emergency vigil of hope" in response to the quake. Via a press release, he explains the purpose behind his planned response:

“Because we are not in an earthquake zone, it was quite unusual for a quake of this magnitude that was felt all the way in Canada to occur. We will proudly carry signs saying CONGRESS AND OBAMA, HEED THE EARTHQUAKE WARNING, COME BACK FROM YOUR PLUSH VACATIONS NOW AND PASS A JOBS BILLS OR WE NEED ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE IN CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE, AMERICA HELPED LIBYA, NOW LET'S HELP UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS WHO CANNOT AFFORD VACATIONS.”

The Baltimore Sun further explains the group's plans to address use the vigil to urge politicians to take action:

The members of the Pray Without Ceasing Political Party (PWCPP) believe that this earthquake represents a wake-up call from God to Obama and Congress to stop fighting and get a job bills passed to help Americans who are struggling during this horrific recession. They believe that God is a loving God and is not pleased that so many of His children are enduring so much pain while Congress and President Obama enjoy plush vacations. In order to dramatize this belief, concerned citizens and PWCPP will hold an emergency vigil of hope in front of The White House...

Clearly, Twyman cares deeply for the people who find themselves suffering and in need during the nation's post-recession economic battles. But, some will likely find distate in the advocate's insinuation that God caused this natural disaster in order to specifically call Congress to draft and pass a jobs bill.

Considering Twyman's past and present appeals, it will be interesting to see what he comes up with next.

(h/t The Baltimore Sun)

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