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Video: Oil pipeline protestors - not your average liberal weirdos


Everyone likes to label their political opponents as crazy, unhinged nutjobs whose political arguments can't possibly be taken seriously. But the folks at Media Research Center recently dove head-first into a protest rally against the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline and uncovered a unique brand of liberal nutjob. They aren't just nutty about protecting the environment at all costs. Some of them may be quite literally crazy.

For the next couple of weeks, environmental activists will converge on the White House to protest a proposed oil pipeline that will stretch from Canada to Texas. The activists plan to be really loud and annoying and hopefully get arrested in order to draw attention to their cause. B-actor Mark Ruffalo, the spiritual leader of the movement is scheduled to join the rally next week, but for the time being the protest has largely been populated with aging hippies who are calling for President Obama to put the kibosh on the pipeline which they claim will add to global warming. Of course, the pipeline will also likely lead to a lot of new jobs, but far be it for the environmental movement to concern themselves with 9% unemployment. MRCTV.org went down to the White House to talk to some of these activists and make fun of them when warranted.

The video speaks for itself:

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