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Sunday Morning Drive? How 'Bout a Swim: Video of Man Swimming in the Streets of Queens


Turns out Hurricane Irene did not hit the New York City area as hard as many predicted. Since you can't take the subway into the city, and after cleaning up any damage to your property, you might as well have a little fun. This resident of the Howard Beach section of Queens gets the idea:

My Fox New York on one New Yorker who was able to make light of the situation:

"Peter Arnold took a running dive into the high water and started swimming down the road.  He even decided to flip over and pull out his back stroke for part of his trip.

Fox 5 News spoke with him when he got down the road.  Wearing a 'New York's Best Dad!' T-shirt, the slightly rotund man was visibly winded at the end of his journey.

Arnold said, 'the water was quite brisk but refreshing.'"

Arnold puts it best; "Strong community got together, and we made it through."

In Times Square on Saturday, New Yorkers were able to take advantage of a rare opportunity to slip-n-slide in Times Square:

Enjoy the weather, just make sure to take a shower when you get home.

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