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Rep. Carson‘s Camp Doubles Down After Blaze Exposes ’Hanging on a Tree’ Tirade


"[Tea Partiers would] love to see us as second-class citizens."

The shocking rhetoric that continues to dominate America's political landscape doesn't seem to be subsiding.

At a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) event in Miami, some inflammatory words were used to describe the Tea Party's stance on African Americans. And now, even after these words were exposed by The Blaze, it seems the congressman behind them is standing by his remarks.

At the event, Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson unleashed verbal fury when he claimed that Tea Party adherents on Capitol Hill want to see African Americans hanging from trees (he even invoked Jim Crow to compare current Tea Party actions to the horrific racism that once tarred the nation's human rights record). His exact quote is as follows:

"[Tea Partiers would] love to see us as second-class citizens...some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me…hanging on a tree.”

The Blaze published audio from the event, which you can listen to below:

Aside from the powerful accusations contained within these statements, they are particularly eyebrow-raising because they come from a prominent CBC leader. Interestingly, Carson's spokesperson, Jason Tomcsi, has confirmed these comments and seems to be standing by them. USA TODAY has more:

His "comments respond to the frustration voiced by those in Miami," Tomcsi said. "People are frustrated by the inability of Congress to do something about the economy and get people back to work."

Tomcsi said Carson believes "Tea Party members in Congress know when they vote against programs, they know who they're impacting. They have different priorities -- their priorities are to protect millionaires, oil companies and tax cuts for the wealthy. Those people aren't impacted by programs like child nutrition, Head Start, job training and job creation."

As a result of the audio that was released by The Blaze, GOP Rep. Allen West says he may be resigning from the CBC. With the Carson camp standing by the congressman's comments, it will be interesting to see how others react to his anti-Tea Party tirade.

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