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I Am Going to Shoot You': Third Explosive Canton Cop Video Emerges


"If you scratch your balls wrong..."

Remember Officer Daniel Harless, the Canton, Ohio, police officer who was caught on video threatening to kill citizens? Well, he's back in a new video that some say corroborates the notion that he has abused his power and built a track record of violent threats.

Back in July, The Blaze brought you the first disturbing video. It wasn't long before a second clip featuring Harless' death threats on citizens emerged. In the latter footage, he purportedly yelled, “I’ll kill every one of you motherfu**ers!” Below, you can watch this older video that The Blaze featured earlier this summer as a reminder of just how intense his threats were (warning: language):

Now, after an anonymous source tipped off the Canton police chief, a third offsetting video has been made public. frames the events that occur in the clip as follows:

Officer Daniel Harless and his partner pull a car over for no apparent reason. After interrogating the passengers inside about their activities, you hear Harless threaten one passenger.

A police officer's voice (it appears to be Harless') can be heard saying, "If you scratch you balls wrong, I’m going to pull my gun and I am going to shoot you." Below, watch the recently-released dashboard video (the death threat can be heard around 4:50):

WEWS-TV has a full report on this new threatening video:

As it turns out, Harless is no stranger to internal affairs investigations. He's apparently been cleared of 18 of them since 2001. But despite these issues, Chief Dean McKimm has claimed that “there was no evidence Harless was a problem.”

In addition to angry responses from concerned citizens, William E. Bartlett, the man who was threatened in the first video, set off an internal investigation when he filed a formal complaint against Harless.

As a result, internal affairs has found the Canton cop guilty of breaking three rules: deportment, cooperation with the public and treatment of individuals in custody. Here are some highlights from the internal affairs report, as published by

“Officer Harless’ conduct ... has brought disrepute upon himself and the Canton Police Department."

“The volatile attitude that Officer Harless displays (during the traffic top) ... has gained negative national media attention towards these officers and the Canton Police Department."

“The Canton Police Department’s operation and efficiency has been impaired due to negative phone calls and emails that have been fielded by its members (regarding the case)."

This report, which is clearly unfavorable to Harless, has been given to Safety Director Thomas Ream. A disciplinary hearing is set for September 7 during which the controversial police officer's fate will be decided. His punishment could range from 30 days off the job to being fired.

Back in June, Harless was put on administrative leave, but has now begun using his sick days. In either event, he will continue to receive pay until a decision regarding punishment is made.


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