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This 61-Year-Old Grandpa Is the Oldest College Football Player in History


"Moore lives in the dorms, eats in the cafeteria and attends class."

Alan Moore's name is cemented in the history books. Although he hasn't yet played his first game, the 61-year-old grandpa is officially the oldest player in college football history.

Moore, who will play this year for the Faulkner University Eagles in Montgomery, Alabama, is breaking some major boundaries. His story, alone, is an inspiration.

In 1968, Moore gave up his football aspirations to fight in the Vietnam War. Then, he headed home to work in construction. After three kids, five grandkids and decades of lapsed time, he decided to return to his long-lost passion. CBS News has more:

Moore lives in the dorms, eats in the cafeteria and attends class, proving, observes "Early Show on Saturday Morning" co-anchor Russ Mitchell, he has the mind, the heart and foot to compete with players young enough to be his grandchildren.

Moore told Mitchell on the show, "I'm feeling real good. It's really nice to be here with (his young teammates). It's an honor to be out here with those guys."

Watch this WIAT-TV for more:

Of course, many people are wondering why Moore is heading back on the field at such an uncommonly older age. His explanation is simple: "I think it's just because I could do it and I'm willing to do it and I enjoy doing it." But there's more to his motivation than simple enjoyment. reports:

On the field Moore is living his dream, but it's not just all about football-- he's also serving as a role model, and most importantly he's getting his education.

“I can go and try to influence these kids here to not give up on their education like I did. The more we educate the less we incarcerate,” Moore tells us.

While his story is astounding, Moore admits there are some things he can't do like he used to -- like, for instance, running 40 yards. But at 61 years of age, who can fault him for that?

(h/t CBS News)

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