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Jimmy Hoffa to Ed Schultz: GOP ‘Trying to Take Food Out of the Mouth of Working People’

Jimmy Hoffa to Ed Schultz: GOP ‘Trying to Take Food Out of the Mouth of Working People’

"the Glenn Becks, the O'Reillys...they're so anti-Obama, anti the Democratic Party, anti-workers, anti-people."

Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa told MSNBC's Ed Schultz Tuesday that he's not "backing down" on his "Let's take these son of a bitches out" remark or his anti-Tea Party views.

First, Schultz took to Tuesday night's edition of "The Ed Show" to extol Hoffa's remark, calling it "priceless audio" and "about time somebody stood up and said it like this." He played a slew of clips from conservatives, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, to imply that within the context of current political rhetoric, Hoffa's remarks weren't all that bad.

"Now, this is just Ed talking: I think he’s spot on!" Schultz said.

Schultz then attacked Fox News for what he said was selective editing of Hoffa's remarks and putting this "fake outrage machine into high gear."

Not finished with his tirade yet, Schultz offered his own theory for why President Barack Obama's poll numbers are down: Americans want him to talk like the union boss.

"Those numbers are eroding because liberals in many parts of the country are very frustrated that nobody in the White House is talking like James Hoffa," he said.

When Hoffa joined Schultz on his show, Schultz asked him to clarify his views. "Do you think the Republicans are sons of bitches?" he asked.

"Well I think they are if they're trying to take away food out of the mouth of working people. What kind of a person does that? What kind of a person tries to take away collective bargaining from public employees, from firemen, from policemen from teachers?" Hoffa said. "That's a bad person."

He added, "I'm very proud of what we did."

"You’re very proud of what you said. I think a lot of people are proud of you, too," Schultz responded.

Pressing him about Fox, Schultz asked Hoffa whether he thinks the network is anti-union.

"I think Fox is really a parallel universe. You watch that and you really wonder what world they're in," Hoffa answered. "They people they have there, the Glenn Becks, the O'Reillys and those people, they're so anti-Obama, anti the Democratic Party, anti-workers, anti-people...what do they talk about? Oh, we have to take away those entitlements."

Watch the full segment below (Hoffa's answer begins at the 12:10 mark).

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